University Faculty Senate Standing Rules



(a) Eligibility: Current or emeritus faculty member

(b) Election: By the Senate Council for a term of four (4) years (renewable). While University Faculty Ombudsperson, the incumbent may not serve on the Standing Joint Committee on Tenure, the Senate Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, or the University Promotion and Tenure Review Committee .

(c) Duties: The University Faculty Ombudsperson shall coordinate the training of all college and campus ombudspersons; shall provide for the appropriate dissemination of information among the various college and campus ombudspersons; and shall be the university-level contact for the various college and campus ombudspersons. The University Faculty Ombudsperson shall report periodically to the Senate Council and shall maintain liaison with the Office of the University Provost, the Office of Human Resources and the Senate Office. The University Faculty Ombudsperson shall have no appeal function.

University Faculty Ombudsperson (effective July 1, 2014)
Pamela P. Hufnagel, Assistant Professor of Education, Penn State DuBois
phone: 814-375-4839 (office) 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

Unit Ombudspersons (PDF)

Confidentiality and Liability: Memorandum from General Counsel Stephen S. Dunham February 21, 2013

Policy HR76 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Selection and Responsibilities of Ombudspersons

Other Policies of Interest to Ombudspersons

Recent Ombudsperson Reports

Ombudsperson Legislation, March 31, 1998

Unit Ombudsperson Legislation, May 8, 1973

Conflict Resolution Services (Affirmative Action Office)

Ombudsperson Orientation Resources:

Additional Ombudsperson Resources:

Ombudsperson Online Resources

United States Ombudsman Association (Annual Conference)

International Ombudsman Association (Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics)

The Ombuds Blog: News and Information for and about Organizational Ombuds

Mediation Resources

Tools for Working With and Learning From Conflict in Higher Education
(Wayne State University)

Civility at Work: 20 Ways to Build a Kinder Workplace

Conflict Information Consortium

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