The Senate passed legislation titled Uniformity of Course Abbreviations within Disciplines (UCA) on April 26, 2005. The legislation was approved by President Spanier, June 13, 2005. The purpose of the legislation was to provide a process for achieving a unified system of course abbreviations throughout the University. In fall 2005, a subcommittee was charged with initiating and overseeng the implementation of this legislation and disciplinary faculty teams were formed. Approximately 6,000 courses were reviewed by the faculty teams, which resulted in changes to 951 courses and the dropping of 226 courses. The subcommittee concluded its work with the disciplinary teams in spring semester 2007 and the last group of courses became effective in spring semester 2008.

The following list of courses outlines the approved curriculum changes that occurred as a result of the UCA legislation. The old course abbreviation and number, the new course, and the effective semester for the change are included. In addition to the changes in course abbreviations and/or course numbers, there may also be changes in prerequisites, credits, titles, and descriptions. The Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin and Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin should be referenced for current course information. Historical changes to courses can be found in the Senate Curriculum Report.

The Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs has approved the following courses.  
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